Let’s Get Busy with cartoonist Frank Cammuso

Frank Cammuso (@FrankCamusso), author of the Salem Hyde graphic novel series (@abramskids), stops by to talk about writing political cartoons, creating comics for both kids and parents, and, of course, more dodgeball!

Episode Notes
Frank Cammuso's homepage
The Post Standard (Frank’s series of political cartoons)
New York Comic Con
Purchase Frank Cammuso’s books from your local independent bookstore

Purchase locally whenever possible.

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Take a visit to GreenRow Books

Remember back in July when we were trying to help my local pal and fellow Nerdy Book Club member Beth Panageotou open an independent bookstore in Ellicott City, MD? (See “Let’s Open an Indie Bookstore! (#LGBpodcast with Beth Panageotou)”)

Well… It happened!

Welcome to GreenRow Books! Can I give you a tour?

We’re greeted with a literary quote and some featured books and items of interest.
GreenRow’s slogan is Read Local. I love the play off Eat Local, Shop Local, and other slogans promoting local business.
Picasso said it best: “Everything you can imagine is REAL.” Picture something in your mind, then make it so.
The children’s book wall has best sellers, new discoveries, and contemporary classics from picture books
Another phrase that’s commonplace around GreenRow: Nourishing Readers.
There’s a creating corner for young readers equipped with writing and drawing supplies, paper, and an easel for working on large scale works of art. The shelves directly behind the creating corner hold the teen and young adult books as well some cool literary-themed games and crafts.
An Indiebound poster is proudly on display alongside a giant paintbrush, hanging over the creating corner.
There is a great selection of cookbooks and adult novels.
And there’s always a spot to sit and read.

The store is quaint and it’s got lots of room and opportunity to grow. And that’s where we can help!

If you’re local, shop at GreenRow!

If you’re a local school librarian and you’re planning an author visit, purchasing books from GreenRow can save you money while at the same time spreading the good word about your local indie. Encourage your students and families to join the upcoming events and do so yourself. These are opportunities to meet authors, discover awesome books, and be a part of the Main Street Ellicott City community.

If you’re an author, add GreenRow to your stops for an upcoming book tour. You may even get to be among the first to sign the Picasso wall!

All of this is to say that I am over the moon that we finally have an independent bookstore in my backyard. AND it’s run by one of the coolest and best literacy advocates I know.

Support your friends. Support local business. Support authors telling amazing stories and the bookstores who get those stories into our hands.

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When Sherry Met Matthew. (Connected Librarian Day 2014 webinar)

October 7th was Connected Librarian Day, a celebration during Connected Educator Month recognizing the strength and potential of engaging our students by connecting our libraries. (more information from this earlier blog post). The day was packed with webinars in which teacher librarians from around the globe highlighted aspects of their programs and ideas worth spreading. 
My collaborative partner and #geniuspal Sherry Gick (@LibraryFanatic) joined me to deliver a chat we called When Sherry Met Matthew: Finding Your Educational Soulmate and Helping Kids to Rule the World. Here’s the webinar description:
Kids hold the solutions to the world’s problems, but need the opportunity to rise to the challenge. We asked kids how they would change the world and then constructed a learning environment to do exactly that. What resulted not only translated to an epic win for all of the kids involved, but one of the most meaningful projects we as teachers have ever been a part of. And when the going gets tough, the tough find an incredible educational counterpart to join on the journey.
Also known as how we went from here….
 To here…
…over two quick years.

If you missed the webinar or just want to relive the awesomeness, we’d very much love for you to enjoy what we had to share. You can view the webinar archive at this link and peruse our slide deck below.

I hope you enjoy! And best of luck in finding your educational soulmate!

- Matthew

Helpful Links:
When Sherry Met Matthew webinar
View all Connected Librarian Day webinar archives
Connected Librarian Day event homepage
Sherry Gick joins me on the Let’s Get Busy podcast to talk about educational soul mates

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Let’s Get Busy with K.A. Holt

KA Holt (@karianneholt), author of Rhyme Schemer (@ChronicleKids), stops by to talk about found poems, how free verse is like a reduction sauce, and writing poetry without consciously writing poetry.

Episode Notes
K.A. Holt's homepage
Purchase K.A. Holt’s books from your local independent bookstore

Purchase locally whenever possible.

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Let’s Get Busy with Eugene Yelchin

Eugene Yelchin (@EYelchin), author of Arcady’s Goal (@HenryHolt), stops by to talk about his father’s reliance on soccer as a survival tool while under Soviet terror, a main characters who refuses to change while he’s being written, and the process of making sense of what you inherited.

Episode Notes
Eugene Yelchin's homepage
Eugene’s video acceptance of the 2012 Newbery Honor for Breaking Stalin’s Nose
"In Golden Times" PW article on the passing of Lucille Ogle, the creator of Golden Books
Purchase Eugene Yelchin’s books from your local independent bookstore

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Arcady’s Goal Blog Tour Schedule:

10/6 – Kid Lit Frenzy
10/7 – Eat the Book
10/8 – Watch. Connect. Read
10/9 – Read, Write, Reflect
10/10 – Nerdy Book Club
10/13 – Librarian in Cute Shoes
10/14 – The Busy Librarian

Eugene accepts the 2012 Newbery Honor for Breaking Stalin’s Nose.

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The Book with No Pictures.

B. J. Novak (of NBC’s The Office fame) has written an absolutely brilliant picture book… only… there aren’t any pictures. Move this one to the top of your purchasing pile.

Source: “This Man Opens A Book With No Pictures. Watch The Little Kids’ Reaction After He Starts Reading." via TheMetaPicture.com (click HERE to view)

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Welcome to my head, James Burks

James Burks’ Bird and Squirrel on Ice (sequel to 2012’s Bird and Squirrel on the Run) is one of my favorite graphic novels of 2014. It’s got action. It’s got penguins. And it’s got a great plot-twisty ending that is totally fantastic. (Listen to my interview with James on the Let’s Get Busy podcast here.)

And now, thanks to Bird and Squirrel creator James Burks, it’s got an awesome song to go with it! And by awesome, I mean the sticks-in-your-head-all-day-long kind, PERFECT for promoting with young readers and for sharing an experience with Mr. Burks himself!

Okay, okay. To be fair, the song was originally recorded by Mr. Burks to promote Bird and Squirrel on the Run, but since he’s reprised it for the Bird and Squirrel on Ice book trailer it’s a great time for a new group of readers to sing along. Alright, pals. Follow the bouncing ball!










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Four Years Busy.

Today, October 10, 2014, this Busy Librarian blogs turns four.

And while there are a good number of ways I could spin this, I can’t shake my inclination to tell you today that

1 It means a lot to me that you read the words that I put down on these pages. So much so that there are times I write just for the feeling of knowing some unknown person is going to read it.

2 Thru this blog I’ve met some of the very coolest people, including teacher librarians, school teachers,  authors, publishers, and companies working for education, all of which for whom I’m extremely grateful.

3 I still argue that I’m not  THE Busy Librarian, but rather just one of many trying everyday to make this world a better place for and thru the kids who come to Library Media each day.

…and that…

4 No matter why you’re here, I’m glad that you are.

Four years. Four hundred twenty-five posts. A couple hundred visitors each day.

Not bad for a smalltime teacher librarian working just outside of Baltimore.

Thanks for the company.

- Matthew

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Lets Get Busy with Deb Pilutti

Deb Pilutti (@dpilutti), author of Ten Rules of Being a Superhero (@MacKidsBooks/@HenryHolt), stops by to talk about designing toys for young kids, how an idea about super worms became a book about superheros, and the never overstated importance of play.

Episode Notes
Deb Pilutti's homepage
Deb’s amazing design work
Book Trailer for Ten Rules of Being a Superhero
Purchase Ten Rules of Being a Superhero from your local independent bookstore

Purchase locally whenever possible.

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Let’s Get Busy with Dan Yaccarino

Dan Yaccarino (@DanYaccarino1), author of Zorgoochi Intergalactic Pizza: Delivery of Doom (@FeiwelFriends/@MacKidsBooks), stops by to talk about a pizza chain that’s been delivering for hundreds of years, what we experience online as well as in the real world, and putting together a team and being the least talented person in the room.

Episode Notes
Dan Yaccarino's homepage
Zorgoochi book trailer
Purchase Dan Yaccarino’s books from your local independent bookstore

Purchase locally whenever possible.

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